Volunteer Fire Department

The Trinidad Volunteer Fire Department (TVFD) provides fire protection services within the City limits. The Department also provides services in the adjacent communities through a mutual aide agreement with Cal Fire. As of mid-2009 the Department had ten volunteers. The City-owned fire station houses two 1000 gallons per minute pumpers and a rescue vehicle.

In addition to fire protection services, the TVFD also offers emergency medical services. Most of the Volunteers are trained as first responders or Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT's). The Department's emergency medical vehicle is stocked with a defibrillator and a large array of life saving rescue equipment.

Requests for emergency assistance are typically forwarded from the regional 911 emergency center to the Volunteers by pagers and a large siren on top of the fire station. Volunteers are on call 24-7 and respond to about 50 calls per year. Response time is typically excellent.

Currently, we are looking for qualified individuals to become Volunteer Firepersons for our fair city of Trinidad (and neighboring areas). Any city residents with medical training who wish to volunteer are encouraged to contact the City Clerk at City Hall for an application.

The Chief of the Trinidad Volunteer Fire Department is Shawn Worth. He can be reached at (707) 677-0224 or by email. Calls for emergencies should be made to 911.