Coastal Resilience Project

The Trinidad Community Coastal Resilience Planning Project (TCCRP) will develop the Trinidad Community Coastal Resilience Action Plan for the benefit of its coastal and marine ecosystems, coastal economy, visitors, and local residents. The City of Trinidad will collaborate with Planning Partners, community members, and the public to engage in coastal resilience planning. Trinidad’s Prop 68 Coastal Resilience grant application was submitted in November 2020 and was funded by the Ocean Protection Council in March 2022. Please watch the video above and see the Project Overview for a brief introduction to the Project.

The City of Trinidad recognizes that community involvement is essential in coastal resilience planning to address existing and future coastal hazards in the Trinidad area’s natural, cultural, and built environment. This planning effort will engage the community to identify coastal processes and hazards, understand local concerns and priorities, consider and assess the feasibility of potential solutions, and work with regional communities to develop projects and strategies to enhance coastal resiliency for implementation over varying time scales. The process will culminate in 2024 with a community-based coastal resilience Action Plan with conceptual designs for several priority implementation projects.

Documents related to this project can be found by searching "Coastal Resilience" in the Document Library or by clicking here