City Council

THE TRINIDAD CITY COUNCIL is comprised of five members who are chosen by the City’s registered voters at general elections in even-numbered years. Council members must be resident of the City.  Each is elected at-large to a four-year term.  Should a vacancy occur before an election, the Council can appoint someone to serve the remainder of that term.  The Council members select from themselves a Mayor and Mayor Pro-Tem who generally serve a two-year term.

AGENDA NOTIFICATION: To encourage civic engagement, several procedures are in place to keep the community informed of matters of public interest.  Agendas are always published in three physical locations in town, 72 hours in advance of regular public meetings, and a minimum of 24-hours in advance of special meetings;  the Post Office bulletin board, Murphy's Market message board, and at the Town Hall office community message board.  Public notices are also published on the city website.  Open meeting laws require regular meeting agendas to be published 72 hours in advance.

MEETING PACKETS: Packet materials that supplement the agenda are provided as soon as possible to add context and depth to topics being discussed.  City Staff strive to have that material readily available when the agenda is published, but may also require additional time to add or amend it with information that will enrich the discussion if it arrives post-publication.

Members of the public may request any item to be post-poned during the meeting if they feel inadequate time or information was provided on a specific topic.  It is up to the Council to determine what discussions can wait or must be acted upon in a timely manner.

The latest City Council Packets, Agendas, & Minutes may be found under the Agenda & Minutes button on the main page of the City's website, or by clicking here.

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